Tall Grasses of Woods Hole & Other Summery Poems

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Clare writes from a place we can all go. She brings me There, where I become a little drunk on the Nature of things. Between the two covers of this book… rivers sing and never look back, the heart has eyes. I’m reminded to enter the pause between two breaths; if I take the time, I arrive Home.

Joan Lederman, potter, The Soft Earth

ISBN 0-972-6332-2-7
About the Author

Clare Rosenfield’s new book of poetry is a spirited, personal account of experiences not only in, but also of, Nature. Her images of Cape Cod light, shade and color are as fresh as those of the American impressionists who found this landscape a source of physical delight and personal expression. In her reinvention of the pastoral lyric, she has written poetry as essentially spiritual as that of Hillaire Belloc or Frances Cornford.

Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Professor of Medicine, N.Y.U., author of The Woods Hole Cantata

About the Author

Clare S. Rosenfield writes poetry, essays, and stories, paints, meditates, and teaches people how to contact themselves in a holistic form of psychotherapy she calls Contact Healing™. A Smith College graduate, former French teacher in Boston, Lagos, and Bangkok, and a social worker who received her M.S. from Columbia University, Clare integrates therapeutic approaches from East and West. She co-directs the Global Healing Foundation which shares creative ways to heal each other and our planet.

Her poetry has appeared in Art Times, Eureka Literary Magazine, Red Rock Review, West Wind Review, Heart and Wings, Jewish Women’s Literary Annual,American Poets and Poetry, and in her recent books of poems and illustrations Roll On Great Earth, and The Call of Mother Earth: How a Being of Light Draws Forth Humanity’s Response. She and her husband have two married children and four grandchildren.

To learn more about Clare’s work and how to order her books, please visit www.contacthealing.com.