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Dropping Death
Duane Esposito and Ralph Nazareth
$10 US
ISBN 978-0-938999-58-4

Declaration For Your Bones
Duane Esposito
$10 US
ISBN 978-0-938999-53-9

The Slow News of Need
Richard Duffee
$12 US
ISBN 0-938999-51-6
Health Proxy
Robert Roth
$10 US

Ferrying Secrets
Ralph Nazareth
$9.95 US
ISBN 81-87745-16-9

Borrowed Scenery
Janet Krauss
$11.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-21-4
The Task, The Hoard & The Long Walk Home
David Lieberman
$12.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-19-2

Pramila Venkateswaran
$11.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-15-X
To buy, please write to author at pramilavenkateswaran@gmail.com.
The Life After
Mario Susko
$12.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-14-1
Versus Exsul
Mario Susko
$12.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-12-5
Nightmare and Network:
A Philosophic Perspective

K. Srinivasa Sastry
$9.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-08-07
A Kind of Absence:
Life in the Shadow of History

João da Veiga Coutinho
$9.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-10-9
Mothers, Shoes and Other Mortal Songs
Mario Susko
$11.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-07-9
The North Star and the Southern Cross
Ann Yarmal
$8.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-03-6
In The Image of God
Rev. Robert S. Smith
$9.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-01-X

Suzanne Ironbiter
$8.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-02-8
On This Crust of Earth:
A Gathering of Poets from Fairfield County, Connecticut

Edited by Ralph Nazareth and Lynda Sorensen
$5.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-00-1