Roman Sky

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Standing in the henhouse, reaching under the setting birds, reaching under one bird after another, coming up each time with a perfect gift. These poems are like those eggs—perfect in shape and size, still warm to the touch and nourishing!

Don Currie

ISBN 978-0938999-55-3

These concise poems present concrete images that linger long after reading them. I particularly like Rebecca’s unique viewpoint. Her observations are sometimes wry and often unexpected. It is like being splashed with cold water on a hot day…startling but refreshing. I challenge anyone to winnow their favorites down to a handful. It can’t be done. I tried.

Joan Tucci

These poems are meant to be read over time. No single reading can ever suffice. Sometimes I think the true purpose of poetry is to make us think about things we ordinarily wouldn’t as we trudge through life.

Rita Cullen