The Task, The Hoard, and the Long Walk Home

$12.95 US
ISBN 0-938999-08-07

About the Author

With a seemingly effortless command of language, David Lieberman pulls us into his world and reminds us that lives are adventures of mythic proportions where questions come more readily than answers.

Jean Mellichamp Milliken, Editor, The Lyric,
Jericho Corners, Vermont

A stunning collection! Lieberman moves easily between the whimsical and the weighty with a deft mastery of evocative language.

Barbara Schermack, Head Start Director,
Cranston, Rhode Island

An elegant little book with a beautiful lyrical tautness, filled with deeply personal statements that reveal universal human truths.

Marilyn Karzen, Special Education Teacher,
Evanston, Illinois

A collection replete with wit and craft, but the real gifts here are the insights into telling moments by a voice you come to care about.

Ron Wilson, Silicon Valley Editor, EETimes,
Fremont, California

Lieberman’s ability to merge imagery with the musical properties of language produces poetic effects that are intriguing and sometimes haunting.

Tom Williams, Editor, RTC Magazine,
Scotts Valley, California

The poems … are about the things we most often mythologize in our lives, love and sex and death, and almost all reveal moments of beauty and tenderness and grief in a way that makes us see in a new way. Lieberman accomplishes this primarily through the music of his language, the singing of someone who is in love with words and the way words sound in our mouths when we say them, and the way sound makes a meaning all its own, separate from, but at the same time interwoven with, the lexical meaning of what is being delivered.

Richard Newman, The Pedestal Magazine

About the Author

A native Chicagoan, David Lieberman started off as an academic in medieval English literature, then joined the ranks of the electronics trade press. He holds degrees in English from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and he has taught poetry at SUNY Stony Brook, the C. W. Post Center of Long Island University and several high schools in suburban Chicago and on Long Island. The Task, The Hoard & The Long Walk Home is his first book of poetry. Lieberman lives in a very old house in north central Massachusetts with his wife, three children, one local turtle and the latest generation of field mice.