Nightmare and Network: A Philosophic Perspective

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About the Author
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This essay is a work of redemption: ‘birth-ritual and a funeral
rite’; a billet-doux to bureaucracy, humanity, philosophy; a basil
petal (Tulasidala) from a citizen of Bharatavarsha to
the Western Hemisphere.

The attempt throughout is to make it into an
emotional-experiential-existential-poetic-philosophic whole, by
distillation and chiseling; in a word, a metaphysical metaphor.

As the poet says, “For us, there is only the trying. The rest is
not our business.”

From the Preface

Nightmare and Network consists of thematic
interweaving of considerable complexity, moving inward and outward
to culminate finally in a broad humanistic perspective. It is at
once poetic and philosophic, each dimension reinforcing the other,
giving this its own character as a highly individualized process

Harold Zyskind, Professor of Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook

A successful and original contribution to that difficult region of
writing formed by the intersecting of literature, philosophy, and

Stanley Cavell, Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University

About the Author
K. Srinivasa Sastry obtained his Ph.D. in English for his
dissertation on the imagery in the works of Rabindranath Tagore
from Andhra University, Waltair, India. He taught at several
institutions in India. Later he did research on the influence of
Indian philosophy on Western writers at the State University of New
York at Stony Brook. Part of that work, Whitman’s “Song of
Myself” and Advaita
, was published by Doaba House, Delhi,
India. Writers Workshop, Calcutta, India published four volumes of
his poems: An Aria of Ecstasy, Beyond the Grave,
Across the Ocean, and Thus Speaks the Phoenix. K.
Srinivasa Sastry is with the Department of English, Osmania
University, Hyderabad, India. He is at present working on a
mythic-metaphysical work.