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Yuganta Press publishes poetry, philosophy, and spiritual reflection. Founded in 1986 in Stamford, CT, YP has given voice to and continues to look for serious writers who express a deep, rich and complex view of life.

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Our Books

No Poem
Sasha Parmasad

Declaration For Your Bones
Duane Esposito

The Slow News of Need
Richard Duffee

Health Proxy
Robert Roth

Ferrying Secrets
Ralph Nazareth
Published by Yugadi Publishers, Hyderabad, India. US Distributor: Yuganta Press

Borrowed Scenery
Janet Krauss

The Task, The Hoard & The Long Walk Home
David Lieberman

Pramila Venkateswaran

The Life After
Mario Susko

Versus Exsul
Mario Susko

Nightmare and Network: A Philosophic Perspective
K. Srinivasa Sastry

A Kind of Absence: Life in the Shadow of History
João da Veiga Coutinho

Mothers, Shoes and Other Mortal Songs
Mario Susko

The North Star and the Southern Cross
Ann Yarmal

In The Image of God
Rev. Robert S. Smith

Suzanne Ironbiter

On This Crust of Earth: A Gathering of Poets from Fairfield County, Connecticut
Edited by Ralph Nazareth and Lynda Sorensen

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